Grace Church, Rutherford, NJ

Grace Church, Rutherford, NJ

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Welcome to the Grace Church, Rutherford NJ web site. We are a growing vibrant faith community in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark. We are committed to following and worshipping Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior weekly, and then as we are sent back into the world, we go joyfully to serve him by welcoming all people and especially those who are suffering, hurting or in need of his redemptive love. Each week, we gather for corporate worship, spiritual growth and fellowship welcoming all people, recognizing that we are all created in the image of God. Grace Church is a caring community, but just as we watch out for one another so too do we take to heart our Lord’s commandment to love one another by reaching beyond our immediate community to care for those in need.

Please feel free to scan our web site to learn more about us. If you have questions or just want to speak with a live person, please call us at the parish office (201) 438-8623.

Our Covenant with One Another

Grace Church is a Christian Community committed to respecting the dignity of every human being. We welcome every person as one of Christ’s own knowing that God has sent each one here for a special reason or purpose. As Christ set an example for his followers, so too are we called to be examples to the communities where we live work and play. Recognizing that Grace Church is the Body of Christ and each person has an important role to play and gifts to share we expect to honor our commitments as others depend on us and that others will honor their commitments as we depend upon them. Though we do not always agree, we engage one another in open dialogue with a desire to understand before being understood. We agree the hallmark of a constructive dialogue is being honest with one another and that informed decisions can only be made when everyone has all the facts. When issues of behavior arise which are destructive to our community, we lovingly address those issues as a sign of our respect not only for those who may be injured by the offending behavior but also for those who are behind it.

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