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Reception & Transfer

Joining the Church

“As stated in the Catechism of the Book of Common Prayer, Holy Baptism is: “the sacrament by which we [are adopted as one of God’s children and] are made members of Christ’s Body, the Church, and inheritors of the kingdom of God.” “Those whose baptisms have been registered in the Episcopal Church are considered baptized members. Upon reaching 16 years of age, baptized members are considered adult members.”

“A person seeking to join the Episcopal Church from another Christian church, if that person has been baptized with water and in the name of the Trinity, may become a baptized member of the Episcopal Church by having their baptism duly recorded in this church. It is expected that all adult members of the Episcopal Church will be confirmed or received at some point.”

“Baptized persons who have received the laying-on of hands at Confirmation by a Bishop in apostolic succession should be considered baptized and confirmed and may therefore be received by a Bishop in this church [Title I, Canon 17, Section 1(d)]. Baptized persons who have been confirmed or received by Bishops in communion with this church should be received, not confirmed [Title I, Canon 17, Section 1(c)].”

“Baptized persons may also be received by laying-on of hands of a Bishop rather than being confirmed, if such persons have previously made adult affirmations of faith in their own traditions [Title I, Canon 17, Section 1(c)]. Baptized persons who have not made such adult affirmations in their own traditions may be confirmed in this church. The decision for confirmation or reception is a pastoral one, to be made by the Bishop in consultation with the person’s priest.”

“It is expected that all adult members of this Church, after appropriate instruction, will have made a mature public affirmation of their faith and commitment to the responsibilities of their Baptism and will have been confirmed or received by a Bishop of this Church or by a Bishop of a Church in communion with this Church.”

If you are interested in joining the Episcopal Church, a necessity to being considered a full member of Grace Church, please call the parish office to schedule a meeting with our priest.

Quotes from the Episcopal Church Web Site, Office of Ecumenical & Interfaith Relations

Transferring into Grace Church from another Episcopal Church

Persons wishing to transfer their membership from another Episcopal Church to Grace or from Grace Church to an Episcopal Church need to contact the parish office for details. We can prepare transfer forms to accommodate your wishes. It usually takes about three weeks to complete the process.

Transferring your records is a good way of keeping track of important dates in your family’s life. When a transfer is initiated all baptismal and confirmation dates are recorded in the new congregation’s register. Please note we can only transfer persons to or from an Episcopal Church. If you are coming from another Christian denomination the process of becoming a member of the Episcopal Church is usually reception by our Bishop. For more detail, please see “Joining the Church.”



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