Grace Church, Rutherford, NJ

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Beth Calvo – Senior Warden

I was received into the Episcopal Church in 1998 at Christ Church in Raleigh, NC. I joined Grace Church in 2003 when I moved back to my home town of Rutherford.

I leave church on Sunday strengthened and renewed by the message of Gods love in the scriptures and the liturgy, but also by the community of my fellow church members. I look forward to finding ways to grow and strengthen this community in the coming years. I joined the vestry in 2010 and am excited to serve at what I expect to be a busy and challenging time at Grace Church.



Edward Mazure – Junior Warden




Laura DiMichele - Outreach

I have always been an Episcopalian. I was baptized, confirmed and married at Trinity Cathedral in Newark. I came to Grace Church in 2004 after my Dad had a stroke. I began attending Sunday services to be closer to my Mom and Dad but, I have found the people here at Grace Church to be welcoming and caring individuals. As a result, I have continued to attend and participate because there is a sense of community which I enjoy.

As I get older I find a calling to help those less fortunate then me. I feel very blessed in my life and attending Grace Church allows me to reflect on my blessings and try to formulate a life plan. I have participated in Church activities such as the Holly Fair, Labor Day Yard Sale and The Apple Festival. I also volunteer for the United Way of Bloomfield and The Human Needs Food Pantry in Montclair.

I believe Grace Church has come to a fork in the road and with prayer and reflection we can take the road meant to allow us to grow and continue to do God’s work. The people of this church have nothing but love and compassion for others. They put those in need above themselves and open there arms to others who wish to follow Christ’s teachings to love and care for one another.

Laura Matthews- Finance


Tom Neissan- Clerk

Barbara Myslak - Christian Formation

I have been a member of Grace Episcopal Church since birth. I have the distinction of being a third generation member of this parish. My mother's parents were married here in October 1912!

I am passionate about the various service ministries that Grace Church supports and I volunteer time to supporting these ministries to our local residents. (ie, the Rutherford Food Pantry, the Rutherford Kip Center).

I am currently serving Grace Church on the Vestry and Altar Guild. Though I live 14 miles from Rutherford, I am a “regular” at Grace. It is my home away from home!

I am committed to following our behavioral covenant by helping others. My chosen profession of nursing affords me the luxury of doing and caring for others.

I support Grace Church by my participation in all its events, both spiritual as well as social.

I find one of the most fundamental aspects of living out my faith in Jesus from Sunday to Sunday is contained in the Scripture readings. Our interim priest, Alan, uses his sermons to show how it applies to our 21st century living and how it is applicable to us. I leave church feeling energized and committed to the week ahead!

In the next 5 years, my commitment to growth at Grace Church is with the next generation. I want to see us connect with them so that they will lead productive, service driven lives just as Christ has taught us.

Beth Vaughan- Worship


Tom NeissanSpecial Events

  Jessica Davidson- Publicity

   Dawn Nicolosi Calendar

    Jessica Davidson- Stewardship

  Michael Nowoslawski- Buildings and Grounds


  Barbara Coughlin- Vestry



The church at night

The Church illuminated at night